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Help for Depression near Derby,  is one of the issues I get asked to help with a lot. The fast pace of life today, coupled with social networking pressures can lead to a loss of your sense of yourself and your purpose.

Also you may find yourself stuck with an unhappy situation in life and you don’t know how to change it. Sometimes you are just exhausted through exerting so much effort to make things better but you are still in a hole.

What causes Depression?

Although the causes of depression are complex, there are common factors that may, for some people, lead to a period of depression.

1. Genetics

It is believed that some people inherit the potential for depression through their family. If a parent or grandparent suffered from depression, there may be some potential genetic aspect to your depression. There might also be a nurturing element to depression in that if as a child you were aware of a parents mood swings and lack of motivation, you may have absorbed and now be reflecting that way of reacting to life.

2. Difficult Events

All of us can experience low moods, sadness and grief when an unexpected event occurs. This is usually to do with loss. That loss might be the death of someone close. It might loss via a medical diagnosis such as dementia. It might be an accident where an injury means that there is a loss of ability. Loss also includes the effect of a relationship ending or changing.
If you were abused as a child, there is a possibility that you will suffer depression and may even self-harm.
Bullying is another event that can lead someone to feel alone, isolated and depressed. Bullying can happen at any age and anywhere including in the personal relationship, at work and in your social network.
Conflicts with others can bring about a state of depression especially if the conflict has lasted for some time. If you feel alone with your conflict and no one can see your perspective, the isolation and lack of empathy can bring about depression.

3. Brexit, Disasters etc

World events can trigger in some people a state of depression. Headlines in newspapers and on television tend to emphasis what is wrong with the world. Some people fear the direction of world events and will experience depression which can have a detrimental influence on their day-to-day life.

4. History Rising Up

Some war veterans who suffered PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or “shell shock”) never received any form of emotional or psychological support after the event. They may be veterans from the second world war or other conflicts. They may have returned to civilian life and lead seemingly happy and settled lives. Then one day, something triggers the life-threatening feelings that occurred when they were in the Armed Forces. The triggering event might be a television programme commemorating the sacrifice and the carnage that occurred. Although the event is years or even decades in their past, they may find destressing and depressing feelings arising and lose their motivation.

A Challenging and Disappointing Life

Occasionally someone becomes exhausted by the effort they have made to change their life for the better. They might have strived to pass an exam but don’t do well enough to pass. After a while that person might juts “give up” and make the conclusion “what’s the point of trying?”. This sweeping generalisation can influence their thoughts about all there dreams a and goals in their life. They lose confidence that anything they do will turn out well and they lose motivation completely.
Social networks such as Facebook can exacerbate someone’s feelings of disappointment in their own life when they read about a friend or relatives success via their Facebook posts. Over use of Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks may have unhelpful influence on your own feelings and thoughts about your life. Teenagers are particularly at risk from inaccurate comparisons with friends and family successes that are bragged or boasted via Facebook posts.

Toxic Masculinity

This refers to when a man feels he can’t or shouldn’t talk about his struggles. Watch this video from the BBC website on depression:-

Chemical Depression

Various chemicals can lead to depression. Alcohol, when used to excess can lead to depression. This can become a vicious circle as the person the drinks more alcohol to feel relaxed and escape their depression. The effects are only temporary as alcohol is a depressive.
Other chemicals in the form or recreational drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and others also can lead to permanent brain damage and depression.
No one is immune to life’s ups and downs and to low mood swings. It’s how you deal with the downs that can make a difference to your life. You can feel like a victim of it or you could view it as a message that something needs to change in your life.
If you want the help of someone who will not judge or tell you to pull yourself together, I would love to be that person. I too have suffered bouts of doubt and loss of motivation in the past which has made me a better therapist today.

Who gets Depressed ?

Depression is not a respecter of age, ability, status or intelligence. Anyone can suffer from depression and even the most successful person you know, may hide a secret depression.

Depression in Women

It has been said that more women have depression than men. Emotionally, women have always been able to talk more freely about their feelings and felt more ready to ask for help. This may account for some of the differences in numbers between men and women becoming depressed.
There are events that occur for women where they are more prone to depression. After giving birth they may suffer from Post Natal Depression. During the menopause depression may be a factor.
Historically women may also have felt trapped by their role in the family. Always having to be the one to look after everyone else’s needs before their own. Maybe feeling like they don’t have as much control as their husbands. Nowadays, women are much more likely to have equality at home and in many cases are the bread winner. Marriages today have been moving towards both partners having a equal say in how the family works. Even the old marriage vows of “love, honour and obey” can be changed to reflect societal changes.
Yet, some women may still find themselves manipulated and used by their partners, feeling  powerless in the relationship. If this persists, depression is likely to result.

Depression in Men

Men have been underreported in the account of depression because they have tended to keep their difficulty in coping a secret. They infrequently seek help for depression. The stereotypical male image is one of not showing any weakness and battling through. Even a man’s closest friends and their partner may not be aware of their struggle. They may feel like they are unable to show their feelings or ask for help.
This is why the macho image of the building profession means feelings of sadness and isolation are hard to show. This industry has one of the highest suicide rates amongst young males.
Men may experience depression when they lose their job and are unable for find work. Financial pressures can build and they can lose motivation to seek work.
Sometimes a loss of libido can lead to depression and the resultant affect that leads to erection problems
Men are more likely to turn to alcohol as a means of escape, albeit temporarily from feelings of inadequacy.

Any Age, Sex, Sexuality, Status

No one is immune to a period of depression. For some, depression may be a repeating challenge that goes away for a while but can return with a vengeance.

Symptoms of depression

Symptoms can differ but generally include 3 or more of the following:
  • Feel low, down, upset or emotional
  • Unable to rest, irritated, agitated, short-tempered
  • Low esteem, guilt, worthlessness, self-critical
  • Disassociated, distant, numb, empty
  • Alone, isolated, distant, unsociable
  • Nothing is right or good enough
  • Previous interests are dropped
  • Lost confidence, low self-esteem
  • Fragile, hopeless and despairing
  • suicidal thoughts.

Depression Help – Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield

If you are reading this article, my guess is that you are depressed or someone you care about is suffering from depression.
If this is the case, you should always seek the advice and support of your doctor. They can support you as you seek ways to resolve your depression.
Did you know that depression can be a sign of strength? I know you might find that an odd statement to accept because you probably feel anything but strong. More often than not, someone who has depression has put up with something for far to long. They have endured unhappiness for longer than they needed to and that resilience and endurance does take strength.
Depression is a serious condition and not to be treated lightly and that’s why comments such as “pull yourself together” or get off your backside” or “you should be ashamed” help no one. It might not be a visible condition but never the less it can have a life impact as limiting as any impairment can.
I have been helping people juts like you who have depression for over 20 years. I offer a non-judgemental approach to understanding what you have been through and how you feel today. I use some very powerful and effective techniques that combine therapy and practical ways for you to break the prison of depression and become free, get your energy and mojo back.

 The Heanor Hypnosis Practice

The Heanor practice is ideally suited for anyone suffering from depression in Derby, Nottingham and Chesterfield. I have also see people from as far away as Sheffield, Leicester and Stoke.
Through my unique combination of therapies which include Hypnotherapy, EFT and EMSRP, I will help you to
• Release and let go of stress and worry
• Feel more calmer and relaxed
• Be more confident and motivated
• Recover your happiness and joy
• Take action in your life one step at a time
• Be able to have restful nights sleep
• Begin to thrive and not just survive
If what I have described here resonates with you I would be happy to invite you to a free no-obligation consultation. We can meet and discuss how I can help you break the cycle of depression and live your life.
Please note that depression can be classed in different ways. The help I offer here is not for anyone who suffers from clinical or manic depression. If you are in any doubt please discuss your thoughts about therapy with your doctor.