Do You Have Persistent Chronic Pain?

pain relief management derbyshireAll of us have experienced pain. Your pain might be the temporary sensation from a small cut on a finger (eg. acute pain) or something longer lasting, such as back pain (eg. chronic pain). OldPain2Go is a new process getting interesting results.

None of us like to be in pain ordinarily. Yet pain is a good thing, well at least initially, as it sends you a message that you have been hurt, injured, cut, broken or something else has occurred. The message of pain is saying that some part of you needs attention and some appropriate action is necessary. You will then have taken some action and received treatment to help heal the damage that occurred and as a result the message of pain is no longer needed and can be switched off. This is how it is supposed to be and is in most cases.


Do You Have Pain That Won’t Go Away?

Yet some pain just won’t go away. Despite all the treatments available and medication, the message of pain persists. Then you may reach a stage where the medical advice is to say to you “you just have to accept this pain” or “sorry, there is nothing else we can do for you”. Those words, must be devasting to you.


The Mind is Powerful

Have you ever had a small cut to your body but never noticed it?  Your first awareness of that cut was when either you noticed some blood or maybe somebody else told you about it. Then once you noticed the cut, you then became aware of pain associated it with. Do you, like me, find it curious that a message of pain only happened when you became aware of your injury? I wonder what that says about the power of the mind?


New Pain is Positive

The message of pain, as I have said previously is a good sign. Our mind is telling us that we need to stop what we are doing and attend to our injury. Once the injury is treated, you can let go of the pain.


Old Pain is Not Good

Old pain is not good. When I say “old pain”, I am talking about a long-standing injury (eg. back ache, arthritis) that has been treated but the pain is still persisting. Old pain is also associated with conditions such as FMS – Fibro Myalgia Syndrome. Once the condition has  been diagnosed, and in the case of FMS, the person has slowed down and is not so driven, the message of pain is no longer necessary. Yet, the pain message can still be on full throttle. It can be a bit like having a fire alarm persistently ringing long after the fire has been put out.

Sports injury or injury through a car accident may be persisting for you. And this is despite the fact you have had surgery, medication and physiotherapy to help.

Are you someone who has old pain that just won’t go away?



This is a process that may offer help with your pain. If you have taken action to deal with the issue that brought the pain, and exhausted the medical choices, then this could be another option for you.

Your mind is very powerful as you know. The mind is one of the aspects of being human that we still know very little about. Yet, we are discovering new things about how it works and what it can do through observation and experience.

I am an OldPain2Go practitioner based in Derbyshire and close to Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Staffordshire.

I worked with this lovely gentlemen recently and after 27 years of back pain he opened his eyes and his pain was gone. (video proof was taken)

What To Do Next?

Why not let me know more about your pain either by phone 07481 002213 or email [email protected] and I will let you know how I could help you let go of your pain with OldPain2Go.


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Important: This is the personal website of Steven Harold. OldPain2Go is a non-medical technique created by Steven Blake. I am not medically trained and can not will not offer any advice regarding medication, diagnosis or other treatments. You will only be accepted as a client if you have received medical treatment for pain relief or pain management, and have been under the care of your doctor or other medical profession and you and they have exhausted other options for pain relief. This is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, assessment or treatment, and is purely a way of using your mind and positive desire to be pain-free through talk. No physical manipulation or therapy is involved.