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Do You have a Sex Addiction?

Being addicted to sex is a very common issue. Whilst enjoying frequent sex is not harmful, a sex addiction can be all comsuming and take over your life.

A sex addiction is a destructive condition that can ruin your life. It has probably already resulted in you hurting your loved ones mentally and emotionally. Whereas many repeated behaviours are safe and healthy. An addictive behaviour can cause great harm and bring with it other issues such as anxiety, the ending of a precious relationship, depression, financial insecurity, loss of employment and much more.

An addiction means that you feel compelled to do something. You have an urge and sometimes it’s so repetitive that you may do it unconsciously until it is over with this time. As you know doubt already know a sex addiction feels like you are dependent, must to it to get it over and one with (until the next time), are out-of-control. There’s a compulsove element to it that gives your anxiety if your don’t follow through.

The threats to your lifestyle can become increasingly apparent. An addiction to sex limits healthy behaviours and relationships in your life. You make excuses, manipulate situations, or deceive family and friends in order to cover up what you are doing.

I have no doubt that you have attempted to resolve this on your own. It is the first thing we all do and some people may succeed and be free of it. This time though, you, have not been so fortunate. You may have even attended meetings at SAAUK.  You may have enjoyed some temporary success and abstinance however the addiction and compulsion  has come back has it not? That is why you are reading this.


You Can Recover from Sex Addiction Derbyshire

The great news is that you recover from an addiction to sex and lead a better life.  Before you think that you are the exception to this news, let me tell you that there is not a “typical” sex addict. Sex addiction can occur in many forms. For example:

  • short-term relationships that short in duration and whose main occupation is sex
  • frequent use of pornography in the form of magazines, films or online porn
  • paying for sex with massage, escort services or other types of prostitution
  • internet, web, virtual sex through on-line chat rooms, instant messaging, etc.
  • dogging, and/or sex with anonymous partners
  • extra-marital affairs or sex liaisons outside of the current relationship
  • a masturbation compulsion which might be several times a day

At the Heanor, Derby psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practice, we offer a treatment plan that focusses on absitinance from this harmful behaviour. I am a highlyu experienced pychotherapist and hypnotherapist. I have a passion for helping anyone who finds themselves in need of support and the motivation to want to recover theur healthy confidence self. All of us make mistakes and repeat those errors at times and I am no different from you. I understand and will accept you for who you are.

If you are motivated to change and need to some help I would love to be there for you. Weekly sessions are recommended to begin with which, with time and confidence can become two-weekly and than longer durations. The goal is that you get on with your healthy life asap and don’t spend any more time than necessary in therapy.


For Sex Addiction Help Derbyshire

If you sense that now is the time for you to take action, call me or email me. Your confidentiality and privacy is assured. Call Steve on 07481 002213 or email me at [email protected] to begin your road to recovery.