lgbtq+ therapy

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, concentration and heightened awareness. With hypnosis you experience trance, a naturally occurring state just like daydreaming. Another example of hypnosis can be when we are completely lost in thought or an activity such as reading a book.

In hypnotherapy you are guided into hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. You may then experience mental, physical and emotional relaxation: a wonderfully enlightening feeling of peace and tranquillity, just like relaxing on a beautiful beach. When we relax, our mind can function much more efficiently and effectively. With the help of the hypnotherapist, we are able to look at problems differently and maybe discover solutions to problems that had been missed before.

In hypnosis it is possible to recall and resolve past memories which relate to current blockages. Old, outdated and inappropriate patterns of behaviour can be dropped, in favour of new and more rewarding ways of being. It can be really satisfying to receive a boost to your self esteem and confidence and to feel back in the driving seat and in control of your life.

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