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Welcome! I’m Steve

Anxiety TherapistI am an experienced hypnotherapist and coach who uses psychotherapy and other therapeutic tools.

I am also experienced in life too. I know how our fantasies don’t always match reality… and that fact can be hard to accept.

I know that if you are willing to adapt you can find a way through to a great and purposeful life.

I would love to earn your trust and help you achievc this via therapy online.

I believe that courage has it’s own rewards.




Online Hypnosis and Life Coaching – all without having to travel or leave home!

online hypnotherapy
Online Hypnotherapy

If you are visiting my website you are most Welcome! I suspect that there is something you want to change, lose or improve about yourself or your life. Many people book online appointments with me because they need help with stress, anxiety, confidence, self esteem, phobias, fears and relationships.

Just like you they accept that they haven’t been able to make these changes by themselves and now want a helping hand. Some people want help with stopping smoking, losing weight or in same way getting healthier and fitter. Whatever you are struggling to manage, I know through personal experience you can’t always do it by yourself.


Acceptance and Honesty are great attributes!

Online Therapy with Steve Harold 01If you know you need help and can’t make the changes by yourself than it means you have been honest with yourself accepted you could use some extra help.

Even the most successful people in the world have their own mentors, therapists and coaches. So why shouldn’t have your own too.

As long as you are motivated to change and are willing to play an active role in your change you can enjoy success.




Experienced Personal Therapy and Coaching

I have been helping my clients to take more control of their life for over 25 years. So working together with me, you can enjoy and healthier, happier and purposeful life.


Free Online Therapy Consultation!

Before you commit yourself to hypnosis, psychotherapy and/or coaching sessions online I want offer you a free consultation. This is a chance for you to ask your questions of me and what may be involved in the online therapy sessions. It is our chance to chat through the challenges you want to overcome. I will also want to ask you about yourself, your life and personal history.

After the free online therapy consultation, I encourage you take some time to consider whether to proceed with your online hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and/or coaching sessions.

I usually use Skype for online sessions.


Book Online Therapy Session

To find out more about online hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or coaching just contact me to book a FREE consultation by clicking the button below! We can then arrange a time and date that’s convenient for both of us. It’s a great way of finding out more withour any obligation to proceed any further. So if you want to change, this is the first step to take by licking the link  [email protected] or telephone for an informal chat on 07481 002213



Useful Tips for Effective Online Therapy Services

  • We will need to converse in English
  • Basic knowledge in the use of Skype
  • A good broadband internet connection is important so we avoid lagging or disconnection during the session.
  • A effective camera and mic on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, with the ability to alter the volume if necessary.
  • A good set of speakers or headphones or earphones so we can hear each other clearly and easily.
  • It’s important that I see your face so and please test tour camera on Skype (settings) to ensure you can be seen
  • A comfortable chair that you feel safe and secure in when you close your eyes.
  • Make sure that no one will disturb your session or distract you. This includes children and pets
  • Switch off phones and door bells
  • Your full attention will be required for online therapy sessions so please don’t multi task by checking messages on your phone