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I am Steven Harold. a professional Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist providing confidential hypnosis sessions to Derby and surrounding towns. I have aimed these pages at anyone who is considering visiting a hypnotherapist convenient for Derby, Derbyshire or is just curious about what a hypnotherapist can offer. Hopefully, it will provide the information that you are seeking.

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Derby Hypnosis Near Me

Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years. Nowadays we have more opportunities and choices than our parents and grandparents did. One of those opportunities is hypnotherapy. By combining the state of hypnosis with various processes you experience what is called hypnotherapy and it is used to help people resolve their issues.

Over the years, many people have taken advantage of hypnotherapy to help them grow as an individual; mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Indeed, finding this site could well prove to be the first step in fully taking charge of your life!


Hypnosis helps…

Hypnotherapy has been used to help many life problems. These problems are varied and many but suffice to say the most popular areas people seek help with hypnosis are phobias, stopping smoking with hypnosis, boosting confidence with hypnosis including becoming more comfortable with speaking in meetings, to groups and giving presentations even weddings.

Reducing worry, stress and anxiety with hypnosis is another popular area. Many people just want to learn self-hypnosis to help themselves.

Need a Life Re-boot?

Sometimes we get lost in life. We lose our sense of purpose and don’t know which way to turn. Many people may suffer from depression as they struggle to find a way through. A common phrase is having a “mid-life crisis”. I have been there myself but now refer to is as a much needed life awakening. It can be an opportunity to make much-needed and maybe overdue decisions and changes to your life. I would love to play a part in helping you find a way through and re-boot your life.


Derby Hypnosis

After viewing the details on this site, if you have any questions you want to ask the Derby hypnotherapist about hypnotherapy, EFT or other processes available please feel free to email me by clicking here [email protected] . I will try to respond within 24 hours.

I hope you have found this short introduction to your search for “Hypnosis Near Me”. I wish you well in whatever decision you make and if I can help please let me know.

Hypnosis Near Me Derby DE1
Hypnosis Near Me Derby DE1

Warm wishes


Steven A Harold BA(Hons) DCH DHP
Derby Hypnotherapist


(Steve’s hypnosis practice is based in Heanor, a 15 minute car drivc from Derby City . Sometimes online sessions are possible)


P.S. Effective Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads
If for any reason you are unable to make it to the practice for a hypnosis session do not worry as you can still experience the benefits of hypnosis. Just have a look at the range of subjects our hypnosis mp3s can help with.


(c) 2020 Steven A. Harold – For Hypnosis Near Me Derby DE1


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