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Anxiety TherapistI am Steve Harold an experienced and qualified professional hypnotherapist. I have been helping people for over 22 years.

I know you are here because you feel in need of help right now. You have probably tried to resolve your issue by yourself. Sometimes we have to just admit that we just need some guidance. It takes courage to ask doesn’t it?

Just like you, I have also been through testing personal times. I know how it feels like. So whether you have a phobia, lack confidence, want to stop an unhealthy habit, are stressed, anxious or are going through a life-crisis, I am here for you.

If you want to find out more just click the button below and send me a message letting me know the issue you want help with.

I will then let you know whether it is an issue I can help with or make a suggestion for the right help for you.


Just a sample of issues that I have helped are :-

Anxiety, anger, relationships, love, friendships, IBS, stress, mid-life crises, career progression or change, mentoring, insomnia and sleep issues, confidence, self esteem, guilt, shame, stop smoking, performance, sexuality, identity questioning, and much more (I haven’t listed every issue, so please do enquire).

With all issues except stopping smoking I provide a free telephone or Zoom 30 minute obligation-free consultation.


Therapies on offer :-

You may find it useful to know that the therapies and techniques I use to help you make positive changes in your life are :- Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, EMSRP (Expressive Meta-Schematic Repatterning), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Coaching,  Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)


Location and other means :-

The therapy practice is based in Heanor just 20 minutes from Derby and 20 from Nottingham. For some issues it may be possible to have personal therapy sessions online such as via Zoom or Skype.


What others have said about their experience with me:-

Here his screen shot of a TrustPilot review. There are many more available.








Contact Steven for personal therapy in Derbyshire

If you have specific hypnotherapy or psychotherapy questions please feel free to email me and I can usually respond within 24 hours.

Click [email protected] to email me.

You can telephone 07481 002213 for an initial chat.

If you get the answer-machine I will call you back asap and I will be discrete and make sure it is a convenient time for you to speak.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hypnosis Help My Anxiety?

Hypnosis can help with anxiety. Hypnosis brings about a natural state of calmness and relaxation. Using self- hypnosis daily can help you feel more confident and control.

What is the average cost for hypnosis?

Hypnosis fees vary depending on the hypnotherapist and their practice costs. You can expect to pay anything between £40 to £300 per session.  The fee for stopping smoking in Derbyshire is £150 and for any other issue is £65.

Can I really be hypnotised?

Yes everyone can experience hypnosis. Hypnosis occurs every day for everyone. Daydreaming is a natural form of hypnosis and often referred to as being in a trance.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy do I need?

On average you may need between 2 to 10 sessions. For stopping smoking only one session is needed.

What is the success rate of hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years and has a great success record. It has been used by Professor Whorwell in a Manchester hospital to help patients who have IBS.


How much does it cost to see a hypnotherapist?

The fee for stopping smoking is £150 and for any other issue is £70.


Will I be able to drive after hypnosis?

Yes, you will be perfectly safe to drive after the hypnosis session. The hypnotherapist will ensure you are ready when you leave the session to get on with your life.

How Safe Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is safe and is used by Dentists and Doctors to help patients. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. Your hypnotherapist is qualified to use hypnosis.


Can I get Hypnosis on the NHS?

Usually, the NHS will not pay for hypnotherapy treatment.


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