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Quit Smoking Hypnosis Derbyshire
Quit Smoking – Break the Habit Now

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Derby Chesterfield Nottingham

I am Steven Harold, an experienced Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapist and I have helped thousands of smokers to kick the habit and stop smoking and have many testimonials from delighted non-smokers.

Would you like to be one of them too?



“Once again, thank you, not even one puff since I met with you and I have seen all my friends spoil their New Year’s resolutions to kick the habit.”


All it takes is for you to make your decision that you really do want to quit smoking this time.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapist - Quit Smoking Hypnosis Derbyshire
Steve Harold


I have been a smoker myself and know what stopping smoking is like. A combination of your final decision to quit along with stop smoking hypnosis Derbyshire can be a powerful combination.

I see many people each week and help them to enjoy healthier, happier and more confident lives because they have given up smoking. I know it might be hard to believe quitting cigarettes, cigars, pipe-smoking or rollies can boost your confidence but that is typically what my clients say to me.

“I’m feeling a lot more relaxed about it now and am absolutely loving everything there is to love about not smoking (including not changing the channel when I anti-smoking ads come on)”

How to Stop Smoking?

Some people keep putting off the decision to stop smoking until after some future event such as a wedding, holiday or other event. The trouble with this sort of planning is that you may never get around to stopping smoking.

Of course many people stop using cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other ways of inhaling tobacco smoke without any help whatsoever. It proves that stopping smoking is not only possible, but that you can do it too.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Derby, Chesterfield, Nottingham

If you need extra support to quit smoking from someone who has helped many people to quit the habit for good, then I will be delighted to provide that support.

If you want to ask anything about quitting smoking with hypnotherapy Derbyshire clinic, just email me here at [email protected] or call on 07481 002213

I love helping smokers to stop smokingm, save so much money and become healthier back.

“You probably won’t remember me but I gave up smoking with your help over 8 years ago…. thank you from the bottom of my heart, that was the best money I have ever spent!”


Ready?… Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire?

If you are reading this page then quitting smoking is clearly something that is on your mind. It also shows that you are now ready to stop.


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Just email me, Steven Harold, the Derbyshire hypnotherapist [email protected] or telephone on 07481 002213 .

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